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One place to secure, share and analyse your Omics data. Simplify how you work with Shivom's platform!


Shivom's analytical platform provides researchers with a versatile and secure scientific research environment that enables users to store, wrangle/analyse and interpret high throughput multi-omics datasets.

Ultimately, the platform focuses on providing the user:

a. Security, allowing sensitive to be uploaded to the platform (e.g. patient clinical records + VCF), and allowing only those you give permission to access the data; b. Storage, cloud storage, accessible from anywhere at anytime; c. Analytics, allow users to analyse and interpret their desired datasets via a curated set of genomic pipelines.

Through the implementation of an intuitive, innovative and totally user-friendly web interface, we speed up data acquisition and data analysis processes. Furthermore, we facilitate multi-omics based discoveries in line with precision medicine by making available high-throughput data.

Problems & Solutions

The issues delineating genomic analysis are usually:

  • accessing, the need to use the specific data-type and to be able to use it as soon as possible;

  • scouting, research activity is often associated with time consumption in relation to data acquisition;

  • storing, data storage, quality control and statistical analysis are all more complex for multi-omics datasets, given that there is no solid platform to store them.

Shivom's analytical platform solves all of them by:

  • extremely intuitive user interface;

  • no coding proficiency needed;

  • possibility to store and secure your data.

In conclusion, this platform will not only allow you to wrangle and analyse data quickly but also store them simply and safely.