Search Data
Fast and easy way to select your data of interest.
Shivom's platform enables researchers to discover datasets relevant to their scientific question or hypothesis: in this section, you will be shown how.
Once you have loaded your data or selected the dataset available on the platform that you would like to interrogate, you will need to go to the Search Data section of the platform.
The user will have the opportunity to search through three clinical search bars, Therapeutic area, Disease or Dataset Title.
Your dataset will now look like this:
The panel on the right-hand side of the page will allow the researcher to further filter their data based on the attributes present in the metadata associated with the dataset, allowing for fine-tuning of the curated dataset.
Once you have completed the selection of the data you want to work on, you just have to click on the Choose Pipeline box and go to the next step!
As you have seen in this section, in a few simple steps, the user will be able to quickly discover and select the data according to the disease of interest. Finally, filtering the dataset based on the appropriate metadata for their study or research question.
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