Uploading Your Data
Share your data deciding your usage permits.
If you have data on hand with which you would like to carry out analysis via our analytical pipelines you can do so on the 'MyDatasets' page.
However, if you would like to carry out analysis using data that has been made available through our data search, this will be possible via the 'Search Data' segment portion of the platform.
MyDatasets (own data upload): The import record will appear, allowing you to upload and the relevant files and permissions in order to onboard the dataset.
The first upload is Genetic Files. The file format required for upload is the '.VCF', also known as Variant Call File; this format is usually used in bioinformatics for storing gene sequence variations and its header provides metadata describing the body of the file.
If you don't have a .vcf file, you can always convert your .csv or .xls / .xlsx file to a VCF file.
Next, you will be asked to enter the phenotypic metadata relating to the dataset you are uploading - in .csv file format; if you need help on organising the metadata click here for our template on how to prepare the file.
The second part related to this procedure will be the choice of data permissions - choose one of these options:
  • Open - so as to make your dataset public and accessible to all users of the platform; you will help increase the amount of open-source data currently available and usable;
  • Private - denying access to information related to your dataset; this is the ideal option if you want to make datasets accessible to yourself;
  • Monetizable - by choosing this option, the user will be able to financially gain from allowing others to run analysis of their data sets.
Furthermore, each permission setting has its own storage. If you choose the private option, your storage limit will amount to 10.00 GB, while the monetizable and open options do not use the storage limit.
The second step of uploading your data will start from this window:
You must enter the information relating to your dataset and then import your file.
After requesting your digital signature to confirm the operations carried out so far, your data will be uploaded and you will be redirected to the page containing your data details:
Finally, an upload confirmation window will appear:


Before proceeding further, access the Permissions section in the side menu:
We remind you that in uploading your data on our platform you have already been able to take advantage of three choices regarding the privacy of your dataset:
  • open: datasets will be open and available to researchers at no cost;
  • private: datasets will be stored in a private environment and only individuals within your organisation can have access;
  • monetizable: datasets will be made available for researchers at a cost;
With this knowledge, you can review your previous choices and decide who will be allowed access to your data on the platform:
Once you have uploaded your data and set privacy rights, it's time to start your analysis!
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